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About the Blog Tour

Our Goals are three-fold

1. to promote reading among children
2. to help deserving authors sell books
3. to build up our own blog audiences

We believe we can do all these things by blogging about good children’s books. Last year, a reported 400,000 books were published. With the ease of self-publishing now, that number seems to be rising at a phenomenal rate. How can authors promote their books so that customers can find their little star among the solar systems of books published each year? And how can we, the consumers, the mothers, and fathers and aunts, and uncles and grandparents, figure out which books the children in our lives will want to read?

Books are expensive and readers don’t like to plunk down money on new names without having some assurance that someone, somewhere liked the thing.

That’s where the Children’s Book Blog Tour comes in.

Buzz = Discussion

We can tell our readers when we’ve found a good book. We can tell them when to save their money. We can tell them which authors to watch in the future. And all that may help readers find books they will love.

But when we all start talking to each other about the same book on the same day we create interest in the title. When we discuss a book, it’s good points and it’s shortcomings, we let our readers decide if a book is worth spending time on. When we look a little more deeply at the books we read, we create more interest in the titles.

So on the days of the tour we all link to the book and post about it on our blogs. And we link to each other and visit each other and discuss the book with one another. We’ll try to write posts that draw readers into the conversation. The more discussion, the better.